Card of the Day – 1 March: Pyramid of Light

Pyramid of Light


Today’s card is Pyramid of Light from ISIS Oracle by Alana Fairchild.

This card says that as a being growing in significant light, darker energies can become more attracted to you. There is nothing to fear and only more mastery and awareness of the power and protection of Divine Love to experience. Here is guidance on the skills you have within you now to deal with any undesired interference. The Pyramid of Light confirms that energies have been causing interference with your path and it is time now to end that interference with love and compassion.

This Oracle brings you confirmation that you are growing spiritually and as such, there are higher levels of ability and skill required of you to continue to thrive and blossom to even deeper places of spiritual expansion. These new levels will feel joyful to you as they bring you to greater personal mastery and freedom from fear. Sometimes when you are growing your light, darker energies become more interested in you. This is nothing to be afraid of because no energy can interfere with you without your permission and if you have unconsciously given permission by action or deed in this or other lifetimes, you have the free will to withdraw that permission from a place of peace and love within you right now. The key to handling any energy effectively, even that energy which you no longer wish to have connected to your energy field, is to have compassion and respect in your heart, combined with a firm boundary and an understanding of the principles of psychic protection.

I’ve included rhodonite hearts and a generator today. A beautiful and powerful heart chakra stone, rhodonite clears away emotional wounds and scars from the past – whatever that might be – and brings up for transmutation pain emotions such as festering resentment or anger. This stone has a strong resonance with forgiveness and assists in reconciliation after long term pain and abuse. Rhodonite balances and integrates physical and mental energies, and builds up confidence.

Hope you have a fantastic day 💚✨🔮

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