Card of the Day – 1 October: Giving and Receiving


Today’s card is GIVING and RECEIVING from the Daily Guidance From Your Angels Oracle Cards deck by Doreen Virtue.

This card says: The entire universe operates in cycles similar to your inhalations and exhalations. When you only exhale (give) or only inhale (receive), you become out of rhythm with the universe. For optimal health, energy, and replenishment, balance each inhalation in your life with an exhalation.

The angels sent this card today because your giving-and-receiving ratio has been out of balance lately. If you’ve been giving much more than receiving, you’ve likely been feeling that others are taking advantage of your kindness. If you’re in balance is in receiving more than giving, you may have felt uneasy, depressed or even guilty.

While it’s impossible to perfectly balance giving and receiving each day, you can strike a healthy balance. To do so, make sure to give something (like time, money, a gift, or compliments) on a daily basis without expecting anything in return. On the same day, be a gracious receiver to unexpected offers of help, compliments, or other gifts. Say “thank you” without embarrassment or guilt. In relationships were you’re the primary giver, express your needs and ask for help.

I’ve included beautiful raw black tourmaline with quartz today. Connected with the base chakra, black tourmaline grounds energy and increases physical vitality, dispersing tension and stress. It encourages a positive attitude no matter what the circumstances, and stimulates altruism and practical creativity.

Have a magical day! 💚✨🔮