Card of the Day – 13 September: Expansion


Today’s card is EXPANSION from the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards by Tori Hartman.

This card bring brings a lesson from Sky God: you’ll believe it when you see it.

The Legend: Sky God was seeking wise counsel to choose the colour of the sky. He wanted the beings of Earth to feel serene when they looked at his work. Other Great Spirits remind him to trust his intuition. He will know the right colour when he sees it. Sky God trusts – and sees the colour clearly. Thus, the sky becomes Sky Blue.

Inspiration: Seeking good advice is vital when you are pushing into new territory. Stay away from anyone who is critical of your dreams. This indicates possibly changing your friends.

Personal Inquiry: How can I create powerful alliances Are new people entering my life?

Key Ideas: Wise counsel; fruitful collaboration; spiritual support; state of uncertainty; being guided

Keywords: Counselling, connections, progress

I’ve included celestite with today’s card. Celestite is said to be able to take you into the infinite peace of the spiritual and angelic realms realms. It jump-starts spiritual development and urges you toward enlightenment. This crystal also imparts gentle strength and inner peace, despite urging toward greater openness to new experiences. Celestite is also an excellent healing stone, dissolving pain and bringing in love – this would be an excellent pieces for a healing or meditation space.

Have a wonderful day 💙✨💕