Card of the Day – 17 September: Forgive


Today’s card is a sweet little Happicard, that says: let go and forgive release yourself; shift your focused you will become free.

The theme of forgiveness has come up a few times in recent weeks – it’s certainly a powerful time to continue to forgive yourself and others.

I’ve included some raw Argentinian rhodochrosite with today’s card. This powerful crystal brings in the energy of unconditional love to assist in balancing, soothing and healing the emotions. It enhances self-love and compassion, and supports those who are emotionally overwhelmed.

This crystal teaches that things are perfect just the way they are. Know that there are times in life when the best solution is to do nothing and accept things just the way they are. It is time to surrender and accept the situation at hand. This can be a challenge, especially if you have your own agenda, expectation or planned outcome. However, acceptance can allow space for miracles to occur and this process can truly set you free.

Have a wonderful day 💕🔮✨

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