Card of the Day – 17 September: Soul Healing

Soul healing


Good morning! Today’s card is SOUL HEALING from the Chakra Reading Cards by Rachelle Charman.

This card says: this card has appeared today as deep soul healing is at hand. Your soul is the all-powerful conscious aspect of your being and is currently undergoing a healing process.

This awakening can sometimes stir things up in your life as it creates the change required to expand to a higher state of awareness. You are undergoing a rite of passage, where the things that are not working in your life are being reviewed. Know that this chaos is a positive thing. It is what is required at this time. There is a divine order to this chaos and you are being asked to trust, listen and action the loving guidance from your soul.

Your soul holds the medicine for you to heal and knows what’s best for you. It is a time of deep cleansing and you are encouraged to let go of the old as you make way for the new. Soul healing allows for healing on all levels of your being emotional, physical, spiritual and mental a complete cleansing on all levels, aspects and states of being. Be very gentle and kind to yourself as you transit through this very powerful and important time. Be sure to nurture yourself through this process, giving yourself lots of love and care. Listen to the messages your body and soul are offering you and follow through on this guidance. Amazing awakening is happening for you right now and soon you will reap the rewards.

I’ve included a raw pink stilbite cluster today. Stillbite is a highly creative stone that opens intuition and carries a loving supportive vibration in any endeavour. It grounds spiritual energy and helps to manifest intuitive thought into action on the physical plane. Used at its highest vibration, it aids travelling into the upper spiritual realms and bring back the conscious memory of one’s experiences there.

I wish you a day of high vibration energy 💕🙌🔮