Card of the Day – 18 August: Diving For Light

Diving For Light


Today’s card is DIVING FOR LIGHT from the Sacred Rebels Oracle by Alana Fairchild.

This gorgeous oracle brings particular guidance that although you are powerful, you are also vulnerable at this time. You need to be alert to sabotage and criticism that may make your progress more difficult than it already is. That would be rather unnecessary. At least some of the people around you might be more attached to their fear and doubt than to their faith in your process and the ways of the creative, rebellious, spiritual path that asks us to trust unconditionally. They may be frightened due to a lack of understanding. You don’t need to carry their fear for them. You have your own process to attend to and they can choose to be inspired by your journey, or frightened by it. They are free to respond as they wish and whatever those responses are, they are part of their journey, for them to work through.

I’ve included a raw black of black obsidian and a selenite heart today. Black Obsidian contains powerful energies to assist in purging old stale energy from the field, transforming it into fresh vibrant light.

Selenite brings clarity of mind, opening the crown and higher crown chakras, and accessing angelic consciousness and higher guidance.

Have a fantastic weekend! 💚✨🔮