Card of the Day – 21 July: Complacency

Card a day - complacency

Today’s card is from the Chakra Wisdom Oracle deck, and is COMPLACENCY.

This card is a warning not to give up! Beware of coasting along in a situation that is not what you really want. You will never be fulfilled by the unmet dreams of others.

This card asks you to consider how you might refine your dreams, and how you might stop procrastinating.

It indicates a need to find self-nourishment, to rest and go within to consider your heart’s desires and dreams.

Keywords associated with this card include: daring; reclamation.

I’ve included magical nuumite and red obsidian with today’s card. Nuumite assists in seeing beyond the outer facade, creating an inner landscape to be traversed. Activating the past-life and soma chakras, it opens and integrates all the subtle chakras, bringing about a profound shift in consciousness.

Red obsidian is a strong healer for the root chakra. It helps to clear issues around survival and childhood trauma, which can often subconsciously hold one back in life.

Have a magical day! ✨