Plate of Inspiration (21/11) – Something Bigger is on the Way

20151121 Plate of Inspiration - bigger things

I love the new set of Crazy Sexy Love Note cards I picked up this week. Developed by Kris Carr, the 52 cards have beautiful positive affirmations. And they’re pretty. The colours make me happy!

“Something bigger is on the way” says my card for today’s Plate of Inspiration. “Allow your vision to expand, and be open to the form it takes. You may discover that you were dreaming too small or that what seemed like an obstacle is actually pointing you in a better direction. The Universe always has your back.”

I chose crystals to tie in with the joyful colours of the card, and of course, they told their own, completely relevant, complimentary story.

Honey Calcite is about contemplation. It encourages us to slow down and contemplate what is true for us in any given moment. By connecting with and contemplating the emotional stories and beliefs we hold, we increase our ability to discern and choose what is right for us.

The gorgeous green calcite helps to dissolve rigid beliefs and old programs, restoring balance to the mind. It helps in letting go of what is familiar and comforting but which no longer serves, and improves communication and the transition from a stagnant to a positive situation.

Pink Opal is an uplifting, joy-bringing stone. It can help to bring back sweetness and lightness into our lives. It also helps us to forget our worries and enhances emotional clarity, allowing us to see things as they really are – free from assumptions based on past experiences.

Amethyst works to provide calm, balance, patience and peace. It can also enhance intuition and psychic powers.

I also randomly picked two runes (the little wooden discs on each side the side of the plate), from a set that was hand made for me years ago.

“Jera”, the rune on the left side, is about productivity, harvest, reward, motion and inevitable development. “Wunjo” is about success, happiness, well-being, reward and contentment”. Huzzah – what a cool plate for this week!

And finally, there’s some Angel Card love, reminding us that we have strength to connect with this “something bigger”, and deal with any obstacles or transitions along the way.

I wish you a wonderful weekend xx

PS. If you would like to know more about how I came to start this weekly project, check out this post on serving up a creative, mindful Plate of Inspiration.