Card of the Day – 22 October: Opportunity



I’ve chosen something a little different today – the OPPORTUNITY stone from the Mandala Sacred Symbol Stone set from The Fifth Element Life.

Governed by the element of fire. Notice the spark within each semi-circular, glowing dome around the barrier, surrounds a navigation-like dial pointing in a multitude of directions. This symbolises the many movements forward that can be taken from one starting point.

This mandala carries the spirit of the woodpecker. He brings his optimistic and determined approach to life, finding abundance in the seemingly ordinary. He reminds us to continue to knock on the doors, in hope that the right one will open, revealing something truly amazing.

If you are contemplating upon this mandala, your spirit may be asking you to seize the day. If you are feeling unfulfilled, it is time to create a big opportunity, regardless of whether you feel one exists or not. Seek inwardly to reflect on what you might be lacking right now, and light the flame to guide you towards the creation of something amazing from this darkness.

And I’ve included a sparkly aluminium cluster today. Astrologically, aluminum is associated with Uranus, and therefore carries the qualities associated with this planet. Most notably, it governs genius, and can also assist with individuality, new and unconventional ideas, discoveries, electricity and inventions.

Have a magical weekend ✨