Card of the Day – 25 July: Igniting My Joy

Igniting my joy


Today’s card is Igniting My Joy from the Soulful Woman Cards by Shushann Movessian and Gemma Summers.

It asks us to affirm: When I hold loving intent for someone dear to me, something magical happens! I ignite my own joy and happiness when I care about another and send them blessings of peace, goodwill and ease.

Now, I nurture my capacity to be kind to myself, as well as to others. I regularly include myself in my well wishes, my goodwill and my loving intentions. Since we are all intimately connected, my own happiness grows from this positive attunement to myself and to others. May we all be safe and at peace and live with ease and grace.

I’ve included pink opal stones today. Pink opal can help to bring back sweetness and lightness into our lives.  It also helps us to forget our worries and enhances emotional clarity, allowing us to see things as they really are – free from assumptions based on past experiences.

I hope you have a wonderful day!