Card of the Day – 27 July: Trust Yourself

Trust Yourself


Today’s card is TRUST YOURSELF from the Sacred Rebels Oracle by Alana Fairchild.

This card says you have a big destiny this lifetime and much to experience. Sometimes you make the error of judging something that is unpleasant as negative or a mistake. It isn’t. It’s just part of your great hunger for experience. It doesn’t mean you have to have a lot of it, but when you do, don’t shame yourself for it. Simply, let it be. Maybe it’s just fertiliser for your next step on the path! It’s all part of your life process and it’s all a sign of growth.

This oracle is also telling you not to resist any points of instability in your life. This even applies to your most treasured relationships or creative projects. That instability is just a growing pain because more consciousness, more love and more light wants to infiltrate and pervade all parts of your life. The instability is not a sign of sickness, but of growth. So don’t fret. Instead choose to flow and grow.

I’ve included peacock ore (or bornite) today. This stone is a an effectve protector against, and transmuter of, negative thoughts and beliefs. It teaches how to negotiate obstacles with ease, and encourages finding happiness in the present moment.

Have a wonderful day 💗🌟💗