Card of the Day – 3 August: Joy



Today’s card is JOY from the  Whispers of Lord Ganesha deck by Angela Hartfield.

This card is a reminder that joy is the state of the heart and soul. Joy happens when the heart and the soul unite. This union is to achieve expansion for a greater good related to your divine path. Joy can create in you a sense of contentment, acceptance, and serenity. Even when your life is in flux, you feel a deep knowing that whatever might happen will be for the highest good for all involved. When you have this knowledge in you, it brings spiritual determination. Even through difficult circumstances such as those that you may currently be undergoing, you will ultimately find your happiness.

Through this card, Ganesha acknowledges your stress and exhaustion as you work to adapt to new patterns of behavior and release your old stories. You may not be happy right now, but you can experience joy in knowing that striving through a difficult situation is important. You are urged to realise that you came into this lifetime to undergo certain experiences and to learn very specific life lessons.

Be honest with yourself; allow yourself your feelings and emotions. Remember that if your heart is feeling wounded and its healing is taking place, you are likely grappling with deep feelings and sentiments that may have even been repressed in you for lifetimes. Share your thoughts, feelings, emotions and anxieties with those who can support you at this time. Joy will be the final outcome. Your energy and your in light are shifting to reveal your life’s grand plan.

I’ve included my Reclaim Your Joy Crystal Kit today, which includes orange calcite, rose quartz, sunstone, chrysocolla, citrine and ametrine; all of which have been selected to help you to reconnect with the joy within.

Hope you have a joyful day 💗✨🌸