Card of the Day – 31 July: Gratitude

Card a day - gratitude

Today’s card is a simple Truthbomb from Danielle LaPorte: interrupt anxiety with gratitude.

Anxiety is basically a a concern or unease about an outcome of something in the future. Bringing ourselves back to the present moment and focusing on what we have right now, and what we are thankful for, is one of the fastest ways to dissolve anxiety.

I’ve included Strawberry Quartz with today’s card.

Strawberry Quartz carries all the vibrations of Clear Quartz, with the additional attributes of universal love, understanding of purpose, and seizing the day. Strawberry Quartz has the ability to amplify intentions of love, gratitude and generosity, and can radiate those vibrations outward.

This crystal can also be soothing and calming for someone who works in a fast-paced environment.

Have a wonderful day! ✨🙏💗