Card of the Day – 6 August: Divine Destiny

Divine Destiny


Today’s card is DIVINE DESTINY from the ISIS Oracle by Alana Fairchild.

This card says: The Oracle of Divine Destiny often comes at a time when there is something that you feel you are struggling to attain. It may be a vague sense or a clear vision. There is something within your heart that you have almost given up hope on, wondering if it is ever really going to come together.

This oracle comes with the message that although you may feel struggle or challenge, it is not a sign to step away in this situation. It is a sign to put your faith in the Divine Warrior within instead. This Warrior may shift approach, change expectation, go within to find the resources you require or find a completely different path to get you to your destiny. Do not give up the fight!

If you are not sure to what this applies, ask yourself what it is in your life that you feel you are fighting to attain or maintain. Find what it is not in form, but in essence. If it is your job that you are fighting for, then it may be your freedom and responsibility that you are really fighting for, as an example. If you are fighting your weight or eating habits, then it might be the right to express your true feelings that you are fighting for, with your body as the Divine Warrior, refusing to give up the right to truthful expression.

Find the truth of what you are working towards and keep your heart and mind centred in that truth. Your Divine Warrior will get you what you need and deeply desire, in alignment with your best and highest Divine Destiny You deserve no less.

I’ve included a iolite tumble stones and a clear quartz points today. Psychologically, iolite aids in understanding and releasing the causes of addiction and helps you to express your true self, free from the expectations of those around you. At a mental level Iolite clears thought forms.

Have a fabulous week! 💚✨🔮


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