Card of the Day – 7 August: Rainbow



Today’s card is RAINBOW from the Secret Language of Colour Cards by Inna Segal.

This card says: Rainbow ray is a combination of several colours together. So this is a very powerful and regenerating energy to work with.

Rainbow allows you to lighten up, feel happier and more alive. It also opens the mystical realm and can connect you to fairies, angels and your creativity. Allow Rainbow rays to lead you into the realm of fairies.

CONNECT TO NATURE – trees, rainbows, fairies Go to a park. Look around and find a tree that attracts you. Stand still and focus within. Feel the pull from the tree as it beckons you to come towards it. Walk over to the tree. Place your arms around it. Feel its aliveness, its connection to the Earth, to the other trees, to the world. Allow some of the tree’s Divine energy to pour into your body. Feel it fill you up and awaken your own Divinity. Walk around the park, bend down to smell the flowers and listen to the birds singing. smile as you take in the beauty of nature.

I’ve included a rainbow hematite cluster today. Rainbow Hematite cluster combines powerful influences for grounding and inner alignment with the capability of resonating with the highest-frequency vibrations.

Have a great day! 💚✨🔮