Card of the Day – 9 August: Master

Card a day - Master


Today’s card is the Sage of Worlds: Master, from the Voyager Tarot Deck. This card says that through experience, you have mastered your craft. Because you know how the wheels turn in the world, you have mastered the wheel of fortune. As the master of your art, you see your reflection in your work. You perform your trade and fulfil your responsibilities impeccably. You use your worldly life to cultivate your inner character.

Through your knowledge and the quality of your efforts, you achieve power and status (symbolised through the crown and elk horns). Though king of the mountain, you are nevertheless humble, modest and sharing of your wealth. As one who is fully established, you can relax in your work, play at it and enjoy it. You can take time out to pursue your hobbies.

I’ve incude ruby in fuchsite and amazonite spheres today, to reflect our worlds. Ruby in fuchsite sphere combines the powerful energies and beautiful colours of ruby and fuchsite. Ruby is an excellent crystal for energy. Imparting vigour to life, it energises and balances. Ruby encourages passion for life but never in a self-destructive way. It improves motivation and setting of realistic goals. Ruby stimulates the heart chakra and balances the heart. It encourages “following your bliss”.

Amazonite is extremely beneficial to all levels of consciousness. It can assist in manifesting universal love. It can also soothe emotional trauma, alleviating fear and worry.

I hope you have an AMAZING day ✨