How to create sacred spaces for your soul

How to create sacred spaces for your soul


I’m a huge fan of lifelong learning, and I’m usually always in the middle of at least one course, or have the next workshop lined up. It was probably not coincidental that, in the last couple of weeks, two spiritual coaches I really admire, spoke about the soul’s need for sacred spaces and rituals. I’ve been creating sacred spaces for some time now, but it was a great reminder that these practices really do help us to connect with our soul and the Divine. In this post, I’ll talk about creating sacred spaces. In next week’s post, I’ll investigate rituals and how we can use them in our sacred space.

It first came up in the Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer program I’m doing (which is awesome by the way!) For one of our homework (or “ohmwork”) projects, we were invited to create a sacred space, incorporating crystals and whatever other items had special importance for us.

Then in a workshop I did last weekend at the beautiful Crystal Castle, Alana Fairchild spoke of the soul’s need for ritual, and took us through a number of rituals that helped us to connect with the Divine.

What exactly are sacred spaces? says that “a sacred place is first of all a defined place, a space distinguished from other spaces. The rituals that a people either practice at a place or direct toward it mark its sacredness and differentiate it from other defined spaces. To understand the character of such places, Jonathan Z. Smith has suggested the helpful metaphor of sacred space as a “focusing lens.” A sacred place focuses attention on the forms, objects, and actions in it and reveals them as bearers of religious meaning.”

“A sacred place is first of all a defined place, a space distinguished from other spaces. The rituals that a people either practice at a place or direct toward it mark its sacredness and differentiate it from other defined spaces.”

Churches, for example, are sacred spaces where we go with intent to pray. Remembrance Shrines are sacred spaces where we go with intent to remember and respect those who have fought in war. Cemeteries are sacred places where we go to remember and commune with those who have passed away.

I know for example, when I visited the war memorials at Gallipoli and Villers Bretonneux, I could feel the immense energy of those (now) sacred spaces as soon as I arrived. Thousands, if not millions of people had visited those places before me and they both radiated powerful, distinct energies.

Even if you had never been to a war memorial before, or had no idea what it was, the energy of the place would almost subconsciously change your state, to the point where you would probably lower your voice and speak in hushed tones. Even without knowing the facts of that particular battleground, you would likely pick up the energy of grief and sadness, courage and love. And the more people that visit those sites to pay their respects, the more energetically powerful they have become.

When I arrived at Gallipoli for example, it was a beautiful sunny day, and the water lapping up on the shores of Anzac Cove was the most amazing vibrant blue. It looked like the most peaceful place you could imagine. And even though I had not lost any family members in the war there, as soon as I saw the “Anzac Cove” sign, I began to cry. Or sob hysterically, actually. When I sat on the grass and looked out to sea, I felt the energy of everything that had gone on at those battlefields, and felt like my heart was going to break. It was the most inconsolable grief I’d ever felt – for people I had never met. I could not speak with any of my tour buddies for the rest of the day – it was so profounding moving. And the gift which that experience – that sacred space – gave me, was a deep and personal understanding of what it meant (for me) to be Australian.

How to create sacred spaces

In creating our own sacred space in our home or a special place in nature (or wherever), we are creating a space where we go with intent to do something. It might be to meditate, to pray, to sleep, to create, to call in love, to remember loved ones – or whatever else takes your fancy.

Sacred space
This is a little sacred space I set up on the bedside table in the relationships corner of my bedroom

Choosing the intention for your space is important, because as I mentioned earlier, the more you start to use that space for its intended purpose, the more energetically powerful it becomes.

In choosing your space, think about the practicalities:

    • Is it child-proof?
    • Is it pet-proof?
    • Is it weather-proof
    • Will it get in the way of your day-to-day activities?
    • Are you able to comfortably sit (or stand) in the space?
    • Does it bring you joy? Ie, do you actually want to hang out in the space?

You might like to consider the following options for your sacred space:

  • An entire room
  • A corner of a room
  • A side table or coffee table in your dining or living room
  • A bedside table in your bedroom
  • Your garden
  • A deck or porch
  • Something as simple as a plate, platter or bowl (if you have to be able to move your “space” for any reason)
  • A window sill
  • A corner of your desk

The options really are endless! Perhaps you could create one large space in a main room, and a smaller space on your bedside table. Just keep your intention in mind when you choose where to create your sacred space.

What to include in your sacred spaces

Again, this all relates to the intention for your space. Here are some ideas for you to consider adding into your space:

  • Crystals
  • A crystal grid (see this post on how to set up and activate a crystal grid)
  • Figurines with meaning to you
  • Oracle or affirmation cards
  • Candles
  • Rocks, shells, feathers, branches, pieces of wood or any other natural elements with special significance to you
  • Photos of anyone or anything of special importance to you
  • Jewellery or mala beads
  • Fresh flowers, essential oils, incense, palo santo, sage, vibrational mists or sprays or anything you love the smell of
  • Coloured items – can be useful if you’re working with particularly chakras, or if you want to bring in the energy of a particular colour
  • Music – you might always choose to play a special song or soundtrack to “welcome” you into the space
  • Notepad and pen for if you receive insights or messages whilst in your space

There are also no rules as to how to configure your sacred space. Treat it as an exercise in creativity and listen to your intuition. I’m always changing things around in my spaces – whether it’s bringing in new affirmation or oracle cards, crystals or items that become relevant to whatever my intention is.

”Opening” your sacred space

Once you’ve set up your space, you might like to consider having a “ceremony” to open and activate it. In the same way that officials open buildings or parks, creating a sacred ceremony to open your space can start to charge the energy and intention into it.

Crystal Reading Cards Rachelle Charman
This was a temporary “sacred space” set up at an Oracle Card Reading Workshop with Rachelle Charman – the candles, cards and crystals all added to the ambience.

You might like to consider using sage to cleanse the area (or crystals bowls etc), and then sit in the space and speak your intentions for it. You might also like to affirm the kind of energy you would like to feel in the space, such as “When I enter this space, I feel… a deep sense of peace / …connection with Spirit / …connection with <NAME> / …dynamic creative energy / …the abundance of the Universe flowing into my heart – again, this is all specific to your intention, and you can change that intention as you need…but speak it into the space!

Then sit (or stand) in the space for a few minutes (or longer if you have time) and connect in with its energy. Remember, the more you go back to the space to use it for the purpose you created it for, the more energetically powerful it will become.

In next week’s post, I’ll talk about rituals and other ways of using your sacred space.

I would love to see photos of your sacred space. Feel free to post them in the comments below or post them over on my Facebook page.