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As well as being beautiful to look at, crystals have many healing and calming properties that can help to bring a beautiful energy to your home. While the possibilities are practically endless, this free eBook offers 9 ways you can zen your home with crystals.


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3-Minute Meditation Challenge

Who has time to meditate for hours every day?

That’s why I developed the FREE 3-Minute Meditation Challenge – a 7-day challenge to help you carve out just three minutes each day to meditate and immerse yourself in the healing energy of a different crystal. You can do these short exercises in mindfulness at home, at your desk, in a quiet place in your office, before a class, while you’re on the bus or sitting in a cab (but please don’t do them while driving or operating machinery!).




Lifestyle and Wellness ReviewFREE VIDEO CLASS – Zen Your Home With Crystals and Oils

While crystals are delicious to look at, and essential oils are fabulous to smell, these sacred tools have additional healing and calming properties that can help to create a beautiful, peaceful energy in your home. Or you may want to amp up the energy in your creative space, spice up the energy in your bedroom, or energetically cleanse your space. Check out my FREE online class where you can learn more how to zen your home and create a beautiful, peaceful sanctuary!





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Crystal bath magic via The Magickal Earth 💗🔮👌

Posted by Surplice of Spirit on Friday, 8 June 2018