What I learnt about power and success in this Full Moon

What I learnt about power and success in this Full Moon

I had a pretty major breakthrough about my relationship with POWER and SUCCESS during my Full Moon ritual last Saturday night.

This ritual involved:

  • Sitting under the full moon and writing on post-it notes all the things I intended to release
  • Creating the crystal grid below, and putting all the post-it notes under the big chunk of black obsidian in the grid, and meditating on it;
  • Forgiving (by meditation and intention) a bunch of people I felt the need to forgive
  • Choosing three cards from the Crystal Mandala Oracle Deck to represent lessons from the past, the present situation, and what I need to focus on going forward


What emerged from the ritual (amongst other things), is that my view of what it means to be successful (and POWERFUL), is holding me back in some areas of my life…or it is at least conflicting with my values and making me really consider how I want to live and work going forward.

Having spent a couple of decades working in very male dominated industries and organisations, I realised that I equate “power” and “success”, with the way I have been exposed to it throughout most of those years – and it’s NOT a pretty picture. The aggression, the politics, the “dog-eat-dog”, the bullying, the personal attacks and backstabbing – it’s certainly not how I want to be or how I want to work. And I know that there have definitely been times when I’ve taken on some of those traits…I’m not loving that aspect of myself so much – but, we have to embrace our shadow (those darker parts of ourselves that we would prefer to keep locked up in the cupboard), in order to heal and evolve.

Can you relate to this?

One of the few female leaders I had the pleasure of working with, demonstrated by example, that there was another way of doing business – a far more people-oriented, heart-centred way of working.

She didn’t need to yell and scream at people to get things done….she simply asked them, using their first name, if they could help. She also:

  • Engendered massive enthusiasm (instead of fear), and people moved mountains to achieve goals that she set, because we were completely on board with her
  • Helped teams to collaborate rather than pit them against each other
  • Treated everyone with respect, and I daresay, “love”

And everyone from our customers to the media, to suppliers and industry colleagues, loved her back. I am so grateful that I got a glimpse of another way of working. Of leading. Of using power “for the greater good” – not just to steamroll over a whole heap of people, with no regard for whatever emotional carnage may be caused….

And so, with the help of this Full Moon, and the powerful, healing energy of black obsidian, I am reassessing my view of power and success, and letting go of the views that no longer serve me or my life vision – even more so as I have chosen to work for myself!

This is where the Acceptance and Vision cards come in…I felt like the cards were guiding me to accept this new possibility, and relationship with power, in order for me to truly move forward with my vision. That the Vision card in this deck relates to Lapis Lazuli, is a whole other story which has massive meaning for me, I’ll write about that in another blog post, but I can categorically point to the day that Lapis Lazuli changed the course of my life (no exaggeration there!).

This was SUCH a powerful reading for me. Obsidian has a reputation for dragging murky stuff out fast – and that was certainly my experience of it.

My takeaways from all of this were some new affirmations. They may resonate for you too!

I now affirm:

  • It IS safe and OK for me to step into my power – as it is for you. AND that power doesn’t need to be fuelled by force or aggression….there are other ways!
  • It is SAFE and OK for me to speak my truth, even in situations where I once may have held back. As it is for YOU.
  • It is safe and OK, to achieve success in my life at the speed I choose, and the WAY I choose to do it. It’s not a race for me, nor is it a race for you! What success looks like to those old bosses of mine, IS NOT my idea of success, and I no longer need to fear stepping into my power and behaving like them.

After all of this happened on Saturday night, I spent a couple of hours on Sunday morning with a lovely customer who came to pick up some crystals. We had not met previously in person, but we sat and chatted over a cup of tea and a table full of crystals like we had known each other for years.

And it was the perfect situation to remind me of the heart-space I choose to operate from. I really value each and every interaction I have with you, whether it’s on my posts or in private messages on Facebook, by email or in person. It sure beats having to comply with someone else’s voice, message or behaviour!

How was your experience of the Full Moon? Did anything come up for you? I’d love to hear if you’ve had any revelations during or after the full moon.