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Spiritual Connection Grid


Happy Wednesday! This week’s sweet-smelling, lavender-infused mandala is around spiritual connection and intuition – tapping into Universal energies and connecting with our own inner knowing.

I’m currently happily-entrenched in Gabrielle Bernstein’s latest book, The Universe Has Your Back, and there’s so many gems in its pages! The central theme is about deepening our connection with the Universe, and as well as the many techniques presented in the book, crystals such as kyanite and amethyst can also help us do this.

Kyanite is excellent for attunement and meditation. It is a powerful transmitter and amplifier of high frequency energies, stimulating psychic abilities and the intuition. With its ability to tune into the causal level, this stone can help spiritual energy to manifest in thought. This crystal connects to spirit guides and instills compassion. Grounding spiritual vibrations, it brings spiritual integrity and maturation. Spiritually, Kyanite assists in detaching from the idea of blind fate or implacable karma. It shows the part played by the self in creating causes and the measures required to balance the past. Kyanite facilitates the ascension process by drawing the light body down into the physical realm and connecting the higher mind to the highest frequencies.

Amethyst is an extremely powerful and protective stone with a high spiritual vibration. Its serenity enhances higher states of consciousness and meditation. Amethyst has strong healing and cleansing powers, and enhances spiritual awareness. Amethyst is one of the most spiritual stones promoting love of the divine, giving insights into its true nature, and encouraging selflessness and spiritual wisdom. It opens intuition and enhances psychic gifts. This is an excellent stone for meditation.

Lavender is known for its light aroma and a yin-yang balance pointing to femininity and an inward sense of awareness. The spiritual symbolism of lavender resides in the realms of healing, easing of tension, higher consciousness and the release of energy blockages.

A Voice will answer every question you ask, and a vision will correct the perception of everything you see. For what you have made invisible is the only truth, and what you have not heard is the only Answer. ~ A Course in Miracles

Enjoy the rest of your week 💙

Spiritual Connection Grid