Plate of Inspiration (12/12) – Creativity and Fire

Creativity and Fire
There’s some powerful feminine energy in this week’s plate, with a strong theme of creativity and fire. I hope you enjoy it! Take from it what is meaningful to you and let the rest go.

The Queen of Fire Angel Tarot Card says stretch your wings and fly. Don’t underestimate yourself. Assert your independence and creativity.

The Queen of Fire is “a person with a magnetic personality who is good-natured and loves life. Someone with great self-confidence who is astonishingly well-rounded in terms of talents and skills.”

The small black sacred oracle stone from the Fifth Element Life represents the Firess. She is an inspiring vision, combining her strength, determination, creativity and energy, transforming thoughts into action. She has an alluring confidence and sense of self. Awake and always ready, the Firess seeks and takes all opportunities that come her way.

The guide that comes with this stone also says, “If you are feeling dull, stagnant or lost, this is your symbol of awakening. See that it is only you holding yourself in this space and although it has served you a purpose, like all decisions made consciously, you now know the only way forward is to stop just “talking the talk”, and start “walking the walk”. Fuelling everyone else’s flames has been dulling your own, suffocating you, and leaving you powerless. The most powerful gift we have is our own light, and the Firess and herbier element symbol ask that you gather the things that light you up, and to practice them daily.”

I’ve chosen warm, fiery crystals to support creativity, including stacks of gorgeous citrine (the small stones around the edge of the plate, and the larger cluster in the 3 o’clock position.

The orange carnelian, dark green bloodstone and emerald green aventurine all foster creativity.

The final reinforcement of the creativity theme comes via the gorgeous sacral chakra creativity mandala by Lemon Canary, and the accompanying perfume oil. This fabulous smelling blend contains essential oils of orange, white grapefruit, lemon, bergamot, sandalwood, clary sage, pachouli and jasmine.

Have a wildly creative week Queens and Goddesses!

PS. If you would like to know more about how I came to start this weekly project, check out this post on serving up a creative, mindful Plate of Inspiration.

PSS. Information about crystals is sourced from Judy Hall’s The Crystal Bible.