Plate of Inspiration (26/12) – Heart of Gold

Heart of Gold

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and have managed to relax on this Boxing Day. This week’s Plate of Inspiration is inspired by my new crystal creation, the “Heart of Gold” Dish. I chose the crystals to represent love, joy and play – the qualities I would most like to celebrate at this time of the year.

Sunstone is an alchemical stone that brings profound connection to light and the regenerative power of the sun in everyday life.

Citrine raises self esteem and self confidence, and helps to remove destructive tendencies. It enhances individuality, improves motivation, activates creativity and encourages self-expression.

Pink Opal is an uplifting, joy-bringing stone. It can help to bring back sweetness and lightness into our lives. It also helps us to forget our worries and enhances emotional clarity, allowing us to see things as they really are – free from assumptions based on past experiences.

Honey calcite is a stone that gently amplifies energy. It also assists in the challenges associated with change. Honey calcite is associated with the sacral and solar plexus chakras, and helps bring balance between these two chakras.

Mangano Calcite is a heart crystal in contact with the angelic realm. A stone of forgiveness, it aids self-worth and self-acceptance, and lifts tension and anxiety.

Orange calcite – this orange stone is highly energising and cleansing, especially for the lower chakras. Orange calcite helps to balance the emotions, remove fear and overcome depression. It dissolves problems and helps to maximise our potential.

Carnelian is an orange stabilising stone with strong energy. It is excellent for restoring vitality and motivation, and stimulating creativity.

Rose Quartz is a stone of unconditional love and peace.

The Player card (Child of Worlds) from the Voyager Tarot Deck reminds us that we are an apprentice in our worldly lives, like the aspiring matador, learning to master our art. It says that through our imagination, fun, games and sports, we re-create within ourselves, the vitality and magic of the child.

The Gratitude card comes from the Original Angel Cards deck, and reminds us to be thankful for what we have. In fact, we are surrounded by love and joy always – it’s just a matter of focusing on those things and we will experience them even more.

And finally the Solar Plexus Blend of essential oils from Perfect Potion is making this week’s Plate smell happy and joyful.

I wish you a week full of love and joy!

PS. If you would like to know more about how I came to start this weekly project, check out this post on serving up a creative, mindful Plate of Inspiration.

PSS. Information about crystals is sourced from Judy Hall’s The Crystal Bible.