Serving up a creative, mindful Plate of Inspiration

Plate of Inspiration Montage
Last year, for about a four-month period before I started doing my Card a Day readings on this page, I created what I called a Plate of Inspiration each Saturday morning.

I didn’t set out to do any kind of ‘project’ or ‘weekly challenge’. Like most creative projects, it started with a thought about “hmm, I wonder what happens if I try this?”

The first plate was inspired when I received Danielle La Porte’s deck of Truthbomb cards. I had been following her truthbombs on social media and loved the idea of her deck, which has 134 truthbomb cards.

I then randomly choose a card (or two) from one of the various sets of oracle and affirmation card decks I own, some crystals that matched colour and sentiment-wise, a bottle of the essential oil I was using at the time; arranged it all on a plate, photographed it, and voila – the first Plate of Inspiration was created.

Intuitive selections for each Plate of Inspiration

When I began to read all of the meanings of the crystals and cards I had intuitively chosen, they formed a loose story; a theme for the coming week that gave me timely messages from the Universe to ponder.

Each week as I created my Plate of Inspiration, I chuckled at how relevant the messages were for me. It’s like they KNEW what’s going on in my world!

Card decks, crystals, essential oils and all of the ‘tools’ I used on these plates work with vibrational energy. The way I saw it, is that I was choosing the tools that would best highlight what I needed to think about and work on for that week. I also learnt a lot more about each card, crystal and essential oil by reading up on each piece.

For me, creating each Plate of Inspiration was an exercise in mindfulness and connecting with myself after a busy week at work. I choose each element on the plate with intention and focus, and laid them out with equal intention and focus.

It took me about half an hour to read through the meanings of each card and stone, and write up my piece about the plate, all of which I did in silence, with either an essential oil burning in the background or a spray of a vibrational mist over my ‘play’ space.

After that, I meditated for about 15 minutes on the various messages the plate had brought up. It was a really peaceful, beautiful ritual that I looked forward to each week – and that more or less gave way to the daily readings I create now.

I also found that it was a great little reminder about the cycle of beginnings and endings; of creating and letting go. It reminded me that I love creating things, and also that I had to let each plate go at the end of its week. I often felt that each plate  “ was my best plate yet”, but as I dismantled it, I knew I captured a photo of it, pondered its lessons and sent it back into the big box of opportunity that allowed the next plate to come forward.

My friends seemed to be able to find relevance in each plate too – whether it was a pretty distraction in their Facebook feed or they could deeply relate to one of the messages, I loved sharing the Plates of Inspiration out into the world. It was my way of sending out love and good vibes.

A friend asked, “how many decks of cards and crystals do I need to start doing this?”

I’ve been collecting oracle cards and crystals for over 20 years, and I have a large collection to draw from. But you definitely don’t need a lot to start creating your Plates of Inspiration.

How to get started creating your own Plates of Inspiration

    • Find a quiet space, and randomly choose a card from the deck, and the crystal you’re most drawn to. Or you can ask a question like, “what do I most need to focus on now?”, “what lesson would best serve me this week?” – you get the idea! Be intentional about what area of your life you would like guidance from the Universe with, and see how it unfolds.

I loved the process of creating and sharing my Plates of Inspiration and I’d love to see any plates you create too. Feel free to share them in the comments below.