Spirit Guide Team Reading and Coaching


You have an entire team of cosmic cheerleaders whose sole purpose is to help you navigate through life by providing ongoing loving, gentle guidance. They all play different roles on your team, which means you can draw from a wide range of cosmic advisors, whatever situation you need help with. In this 60-minute reading, I personally introduce you to each member of your entire Spirit Guide Team! We’ll then follow up this call with two Spirit Guide Coaching sessions where you can really get to know your Guides.

** In the booking notes, please add your full name as it is now and when you were born, as well as your date and city of birth, so I can determine if I can do a reading for you! Please also include the time zone you’ll be in when you do our call, and a sentence about your intention for what you’re trying to create in your life in the next 3-6 months, so I can make your reading even more valuable for you. **


What is a Spirit Guide Team Reading and Coaching?

Did you know you have an entire team of cosmic cheerleaders whose sole purpose is to help you navigate through life by providing ongoing loving, gentle guidance? It’s highly likely you have at least 10 spirit guides – all with different roles on your team, which means you can draw from a wide range of cosmic advisors, whatever situation you need help with. In this 60-minute Spirit Guide Team reading (via Zoom), using information direct from your personal Akashic Record, I personally introduce you to each member of your Spirit Guide Team!

We then follow up this work in two 45-minute Spirit Guide Coaching sessions, where I channel messages from your Guides – so they are effectively coaching you through me. This will also empower you to see how your guides work with you, so you can continue to work with them directly on an ongoing basis.

What you’ll discover in your 1:1 Spirit Guide Team reading

In this in-depth, 60-minute introduction to your Spirit Guide Team, you’ll discover:

  • How many personally assigned guides you have – and what these type of guides do for you
  • Where each of these guides originates from, and what their divine gifts are, so you know exactly what type of support they can provide you
  • What the role of each guide on your team is, and how you can make the most of their loving guidance
  • How they communicate with you – and I’ll share any messages they channel through me for you about your current situation
  • Details about your additional, general guides, what their divine gifts are and how they work with your personal guides to support you
  • Whether you have any guides who are on currently on special assignment  
  • Whether you have any negative guides, who may have been causing energetic blocks in you, or not working for your highest good (I’ll clear any guides like this!)

How this reading can empower you: 

  • Your guides provide you with an endless flow of guidance and inspiration, and desperately want you to consciously connect and work with you. In this reading we’ll discuss how you can do that!
  • Your personal guides are yours for the duration of this lifetime. They’re best equipped to serve you – and you’re already interacting with them on a daily basis (whether you know it or not!). This reading helps you to understand the different guides you’re working with, and how each one can bring a different perspective on any situation or challenge you’re working through.
  • Your guides can provide a higher dimensional perspective on issues you may be facing, and they also relay the energy of your intentions out to the broader Universe – essentially, they boost your manifesting mojo, so it’s in your best interest to get to know them and how to work with them.

Consider booking this reading if: 

  • You sense you have guides but are not sure how to connect with them
  • You’re feeling stuck and not manifesting what you want into your life
  • You’re looking for a deeper way of tuning into your own inner guidance system
  • You’re interested in expanding your spiritual practice and awareness
  • You’re wanting to make choices that will lead to a happier, more vibrant and abundant life

Spirit Guide Coaching Sessions:

Following this reading, the Spirit Guide Coaching sessions take this work even further. We’ll have two additional 1:1 sessions (up to 45-minutes in duration) where I channel messages from your Spirit Guide Team for you. They are, in effect, coaching you through me.

This coaching works most effectively for situations you would like to work through at the present time, and for which you’re prepared to take action on! It could be anything from changing jobs, getting clarity on your life purpose or starting a new project or business, finding a new love or simply connecting at a much deeper level with your Spirit Guide Team, which will benefit all aspects of your life!

The two 45-minute follow-up sessions will help you to strengthen your connection with your Spirit Guide team, and most importantly, will help you to continue to do this work with them on your own. To ensure continuity and momentum, the two coaching sessions will be held two and four weeks respectively after your Spirit Guide Team reading, and will need to be booked when we schedule your initial reading. 

What you’ll receive for your investment:

  • A 60-minute Zoom call (can be video or just audio if you prefer), where I’ll present the findings of your Spirit Guide Team Reading
  • Two 45-minute Spirit Guide Coaching calls via Zoom held two and four weeks after your reading
  • An audio recording of each session for you to keep and replay as many times as you wish

How to get started:

  • To get started, please book and pay for this package using the Add to Cart feature above.
  • Please note, that I cannot do these readings for everyone. For various reasons, some Souls do not allow their Akashic Record to be accessed (either at a particular time, or at all). If this happens, I’ll let you know, and will immediately refund your payment in full.
  • I will then email you a selection of times to do our calls, confirm your appointments, and provide details of each calls.
  • I will confirm our appointments again with you 48 hours before each call.

** Please note that all sales are final. No exchanges or refunds, unless I cannot do the reading for you outlined above. Cancellations and/or schedule changes for your 1:1 reading must be requested in writing a minimum of 48 hours prior to the original appointment, to avoid a $50 cancellation fee. **

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