Why I love the combination of Reiki and crystal energy work

  • Why I chose crystal healing and Reiki

I have been fascinated with crystals since I was gifted an amethyst pyramid about 25 years ago.

More than just pretty rocks – and crystals are beautiful to look at – I could always feel the energy coming out of each crystal I picked up. Each stone had a different vibration, a different feel to it.

As I started to collect crystals – tumbled stones from New Age shops in the early days, and then more exotic specimens from gem shops in my travels around the world, I turned to Judy Hall’s book, The Crystal Bible to build my understanding of what each stone meant.

This book truly has been my bible, and for each of over 200 crystals, it shows pictures of the stones, lists their attributes and relevance to each chakra, their healing properties and how the stones can be used, and where or how to wear them.

From hobbyist to practitioner – a call from the crystals

As you may have read in the About Me section, I studied Reiki and massage ten years ago, and those modalities introduced me to energy work and body work respectively.

I had never incorporated crystal healing into my Reiki and massage treatments – my interest in crystals then was more as hobbyist.

It was my recent change of jobs from enterprise technology to the natural health education sector that reignited my passion for holistic therapies. I have also being seeing a wonderful and talented holistic practitioner for reiki and crystal chakra balancing treatments over the last year, and really felt like it has made a difference to my physical, emotional and spiritual health.

It felt like crystals were coming (back) into my life in a really big way. I now have crystals everywhere – around my home and office, on me and in my bag and car. They’re everywhere, and I love it!

There were other signs from the crystals that I should take a deep dive into this type of energy work.

One day, while I was on leave between changing jobs, I was grocery shopping, and heard a very distinct message from the universe telling me to go buy some Lapis Lazuli – the gorgeous blue stone with gold flecks.

Yep, it probably sounds odd to be getting messages to buy blue crystals, but it was so strong, so definite – that I finished my grocery shopping and drove 30 minutes out to a crystal shop at Samford. I walked into the shop and felt instantly relaxed – like I was exactly where I needed to be. I bought some beautiful pieces of lapis that afternoon, a gift to myself for starting the new job.

But the crystals didn’t stop calling me

I started to investigate crystal courses in Brisbane, and came across the lovely Kerry Marsh, from Crystal Discoveries. When I look back, it is no surprise that the dates for her workshops lined up for me.

I soaked up more knowledge about crystals and chakra balancing work in those workshops than I thought was possible. And I made some beautiful new friends along the way.

Amongst other things, we learnt:

  • How to choose and use crystals, and amplify their power
  • How to use crystals in a chakra balancing treatment that is both simple and profound
  • How to create powerful crystal grids for healing, manifesting, meditating, caring for pets and all sorts of things I’d never have thought of
  • How to help clients reclaim fragmented parts of their soul, through a powerful Soul Retrieval process
  • How to help clients reconnect with their Inner Child – I’ll be writing more about this shortly!

The workshops were fantastic, and through the treatments I gave as part of my certification, I was able to incorporate Reiki as well.

I love, love, LOVE the combination of Reiki and crystal energy work.

Both modalities work on the premise of intention, and the practitioner becoming the channel for light and healing energy.

Both modalities work on the premise of unconditional love and sending that love from the Universe to the client, while supporting whatever healing needs to happen.

Both modalities seem so simple, so gentle – yet my experience as both a recipient and practitioner, has shown they can provide both profound emotional shifts and deep relaxation.

I can’t recommend this type of energy work highly enough! Do your mind, body and spirit a favour and give it a go!