My favourite resources for meditation and finding peace

My favourite resources for meditation and finding peace


Much has been written about the benefits of meditation. Research indicates that cultivating a regular meditation practice can help us to feel more calm, more at peace, more able to focus, more spiritually connected, better able to sleep…and the list goes on. I’ve included links to a few articles at the end of this post, which discuss some of the research about meditation, if you’d like to see more evidence.

But without question – and even with the best intentions, it can be difficult to sit down in the traditional “meditation pose”, and embrace silence for 10, 20, 30 minutes or longer, every day.

I’ve certainly had my challenges maintaining a daily meditation practice over the years. My mind and body protests by throwing in mental distractions, physical discomforts and whatever other challenges to interrupt my quiet time. Some say that this is the work of the ego at play, trying to stop us from reaching our higher self and intuition – that space where we ultimately know everything we need to know.

So this post discusses some of my favourite resources for meditation. Most of them are guided visualisations. Some are paid, some are free, but I’ve enjoyed them all at various times.

When I started out on my meditation journey, I found it easier to follow along to someone else’s voice. Now, I enjoy the sitting in the stillness, but I still revert to using these resources when I’m travelling. Sometimes I use them if I’m having trouble sleeping and the voices take me easily into the land of nod.

In no particular order, these are some of my favourite resources for meditation:

Angel Therapy Meditations by Doreen Virtue – I have had this meditation in my iTunes account and on my iPhone literally for YEARS! I love this general-purpose angel healing meditation by the gorgeous Doreen Virtue. This meditation brings in the energy of many of the Archangels, so as well as benefiting from their specific healing assistance, it starts to familiarise you with the Archangels – who you can also call on in your meditation.

The Celestine Meditations by Sally Merrill-Redfield – I’ve been using these two meditations for years. If you have read the Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield, you’ll love these meditations. (I can highly recommend the book too!). The first visualisation takes you into an old growth forest, while the second takes you on a journey along a beautiful beach, to ultimately partake in a ceremony dedicated to the healing of the world.

Morning and Evening Meditations by Louise Hay – these meditations are a beautiful way to start and end your day. And Louise Hay makes the point that it’s best to do them while you’re still actually in bed, first thing in the morning, and again at evening when you’re winding down. She says it’s fine to fall asleep during these meditations, as the sub-conscious mind hears what it needs to hear – and deep healing can still take place. These powerful meditations will both help you to kick your day off in a joyful, grateful way, and end it in a peaceful, loving way.

In the same vein, Doreen Virtue’s Chakra Clearing Morning and Evening meditations are great way to start and end your day.

Spirit of Hawaii Guided Meditation by Kala Ambrose – this was the first of Kala Ambrose’s meditations I came across, and I love the other two in the series – Egyptian Mystery Temple and Tibetan Mountain Journey. The Spirit of Hawaii Meditation is a beautiful heart-healing journey that I have gone back to time after time. It’s always interesting to see what comes up when you do the same meditation at different times in your life. I didn’t connected quite as much with the Egyptian Mystery Temple, but I had a powerful experience with the Tibetan Mountain Journey meditation.

Alana Fairchild has a range of free and very powerful meditations. I’ve been working through this series quite recently, and love the focus on crystals and Goddesses. The Temple of Black Obsidian meditation is particularly powerful and I have been using it to help release stuff around Full Moons. The Soul Retrieval and Eternal Flame of the Heart meditations are also excellent. If you like one of these meditations, you’ll probably love the entire series – and it’s lovely to hear an Australia voice!

For a slightly different slant, you could also try Dr. Rick Collingwood’s hypnotherapy visualisations. He has hypnosis tracks for pretty much everything from self esteem, weight loss, insomnia, happiness, motivation, stress management, quitting smoking, eating healthy, loss, grief and depression, and PTSD and anxiety. I personally love the Love, Harmony and Peace, Personal Life Motivation and Relaxation and Stress Management editions. Again, try one and see if it resonates for you and then explore others in the series.

If I don’t feel like listening to someone’s voice, you could try listening instrumental music. Some of my favourite albums include:

Join the free 3-Minute Meditation Challenge

And as you may or may not have seen, I recently launched the 3-Minute Meditation Challenge which is a free series of 3-minute crystal meditations delivered to your inbox each day for a week. I designed them to be done anywhere – at home or the office, while you’re waiting in line for a coffee or sitting on the bus on your way to work. You can still get the benefits of meditation, even if just for a few minutes. It’s completely free, so if you’re interested (or know anyone who might be), feel free to sign up via the form below. And try this rose quartz meditation if you’d like a taste of what you’ll experience.

I hope you enjoy all of these meditations and music as much as I have over the years. I’d love to know what you think of these resources or which are your go-to meditations. Please feel free to share in the comments below.

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