Hurting Heart and heart chakra crystals

I love working with crystals! Whether it’s doing crystal healing work here in Brisbane, or helping people find their ideal crystal or a gift for someone special, I truly love what I do. These are just some of the recent testimonials I’ve received from my beautiful customers 💕

Melanie’s Three Minute Meditation series has become a staple of my daily routine. It perfectly fits into a busy day, whether first thing in the morning or during a lunch break. Thank you Melanie for making this available. ~ Kate

Thank you Melanie. This reading was extremely helpful, it clarified a lot of what I was already feeling and helped sort out the confusion I was feeling. I also feel that the issue is loving myself first as that has become problematic from past relationships. So this reading hit the nail on the head. ~ Felicia

“Melanie is a gentle, loving and friendly soul who tailored my session perfectly. I felt comfortable in her hands as we tore through some old hurts held in my heart chakra, without any judgement from her. She gave me the time and space I needed to release, and helped me find more awareness surrounding not just the topics that I went to her for, but underlying ones as well. Mel’s dedication to and knowledge of crystal healing was spot on.” ~ Sandra

Once again I am in awe at the amazing healing abilities that Melanie possesses. I have recently been fortunate to receive two crystal/card healing sessions and can honestly say that they are by far two of the best healing sessions that I have ever received. Melanie is always so welcoming and calm which I believe enables me to be open and accepting to the healing process. I have experienced very powerful shifts during the healing and always come away feeling better then ever. I cannot wait to visit again  ~ Karyn

18 months ago I decided to explore the amazing world of New Age Therapies. I suffered gravely from depression. I was in the dark and I didn’t want love. I didn’t want to be loved. I just wanted to hide, escape, disappear. I was tired of being changed from one chemical to another all in the name of modern day medicine. I knew there was a better way but the hole was too deep. It was too dark. I decided to study and learn skills that would compliment my practice and to boost personal growth. I went into this experience with an open heart and mind, but never in my wildest of dreams did I anticipate the results I achieved under the Magical guidance of Melanie. I initially enrolled in Melanie’s Chakra and Crystal Awareness Circle. The 7 Week course was completely immersive. It was an intimate group that challenged and engaged each of us. I have made life long friends. We love, support and encourage one another. Melanie’s teachings and the magnificence of the crystals is profound. I have adopted a new way of life. I now practice and walk a positive, transformative path. ~ Julie-Anne

I recently spent time with Melanie as she performed a guided meditation in conjunction with crystal healing and reiki. the experience was transcendent. I was able to reach a higher plane where I spent time with my Father who I lost over 10 years ago. Melanie has given me the tools to reach a higher state where I can bask in the gloriousness that is peace and love.

Melanie’s ability to heal, eclipse those of all others. It is a true journey of discovery. The sheer power of Melanie’s therapies is phenomenal! Melanie has revolutionized the way in which I live. Melanie has put me back on track. I am a better Daughter, Sister, Friend and human. I am excited about Life and most importantly, Love. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. ~ Julie-Anne

Thank you so much for the amazing healing. You are truly gifted xx ~ Bess

I can’t thank you enough for the most amazing Crystal Healing session this afternoon Melanie. What an awesome, transformational healing experience it was. I can’t believe how much better I felt immediately after the session and continuing on into this evening. I don’t want to go to sleep because I don’t want this feeling to go away. 🙂 Continue along this path Melanie, you have great gifts and skills to share. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! ~ Teresa

Absolutely amazing experience every time! Nothing is too much trouble and Melanie is so prompt with all her services and deliveries. Love A Surplice of the Spirit ❤️❤️❤️ ~ Karyn

Thank you lovely for my stunning little package. It’s been a delight dealing with you again and I know there will be more to come. The crystals were truly stunning, they were beautifully packaged like a gift and the extra surprises were such a special touch. Thank you so very much sweetie. I love them. 💚💜💚💜💚 ~ Siobhan

Hey Mel, it’s me again. I just listened to my ‘reading’ from you and my gosh girl, it does resonate with me. From the lack of confidence bit to being a procrastinator etc. Spot on. I had thought about blogging properly but thought I couldn’t do it. And yes something triggered a change in direction and thoughts etc in me some months ago and I have ‘woken up’, so to speak. Thank you so much for the gentle push to not be so scared of the future and to trust my instincts also thank you for the advice on crystals which would be great for me right now. I will be purchasing some more from you shortly. Again, it’s been wonderful dealing with you again and I so appreciate the effort that you put into my reading, the advice and for pronouncing my name beautifully. lol You are a gorgeous soul. Big hugs. x ~ Siobhan

Bought one of these [Cups of Inspiration] for a friend for Christmas as I loved it. My friend was over the moon and adores it as much as I did. Melanie’s detailed explanation of the crystals really topped this gift off. Such an amazing idea. Thanks Melanie. ~ Monica

Thank you for dropping by and showing me your crystals today! It was such a personalized sale and I am very happy with the service and my buy. I would reccomend anyone to look for the right crystal fit at Surplice of Spirit!!! ~ Helene

Awesome service and amazing products! I’ve loved every item that I’ve purchased and Melanie is such a lovely and helpful lady! Definitely my go to place for all my crystal purchases. ~ Stephanie

I absolutely love this online crystal shop. And the cute little note Melanie leaves is awesome. I purchased The Crystal Bible and I love it. Postage was quick and so hassle free. She answered all my questions quickly and smoothly. Definitely recommend!! ~ Kristy Lee

My beautiful ring arrived ♡♡♡ thank u for your wonderful service and help in making my purchase so easy xx ~ Bonnie

Hi Melanie (Surplice of Spirit) thank so much for my beautiful cup of inspiration which arrived safely today. As soon as I put it together I could feel love radiating out from it, the energy is beautiful. Many blessings x ~ Trish

Hi Mel! I finally got to unpack my goodies! I thought I’d share just how beautiful they are, thank you for my ‘happy corner’ and thankyou for my extra little bag of treasure xx ~ Bree

Was so happy to come home to my parcel, love all them all!! Thank you so much 😊 ~ Sam