Why essential oils are a must for any household

Essential oils have been used for healing purposes for thousands of years. They can truly support our bodies at a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

More than just smelling awesome, some essential oils are considered to be 40-60 times more potent than herbs*. These gifts from Mother Nature assist the body in fighting unfriendly microorganism, purifying organs, glands and body systems, balancing body functions and raising the body’s energetic vibration.

I have been diffusing essential oils in my 1:1 shamanic crystal healings for many years, and also used to use them in my work as a massage therapist.

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Essential oils help to address the body’s needs in a holistic way. Because they are plant-based and natural, our body knows exactly how to process oils.

Oils like those from doTERRA, the largest essential oil company in the world, are naturally derived aromatic compounds extracted and distilled from the roots, stems, bark, flowers and resin from trees and plants. Each oil contains hundreds of different compounds, providing complex and versatile abilities to combat threats without building up resistance. How often do we hear that, as a society, we’re building up resistance to synthetic, man-made substances like antibiotics and flu vaccinations?

Essential oils are also potent! One drop of pure peppermint essential oil for example, is the equivalent of 28 cups of peppermint tea. It not only smells divine, but a little goes a very long way!

One drop of pure peppermint essential oil for example, is the equivalent of 28 cups of peppermint tea!

Versatile natural solutions – so many ways to use essential oils!

The more I learn about essential oils, the more I understand how versatile they are. There are literally hundreds of ways you can use lemon oil for example – but let’s look at the three main ways you can use essential oils.

Aromatic (smell, inhaling, diffusing)

It used to be that we talked about ‘burning’ oils – that is, lighting a tea-light candle underneath a little receptacle of water, adding a couple of drops of oil and letting the smell permeate through our space.

Not only did this risk starting a fire or provide dangerous temptation for littlies or pets, but there are  now far better ways to inhale oils!

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Diffusers like doTERRA’s Petal (shown below) and Lumo are ultrasonic. Ultrasonic diffusers use water and electronic frequencies to create a fine mist from the essential oil and water. Ultrasonic vibrations are created by a small disk under the surface of the water which causes the essential oil to break up into tiny micro particles, which the body more readily absorbs. And – there’s no naked flame to worry about!

You can also get portable diffusers for the car – but the cheapest diffuser EVER, is to drip a few drops of your chosen oil onto a tissue, and jam it into the air vent. This is a perfect way to freshen up your car, or keep everyone calm on road trips! You could also use a tissue with a drop or 2 of lavender on your pillow to assist in a sound night’s sleep.

Another quick and simple way of using oils aromatically, is to take a drop of your favourite oil into your hands, rub them together and cup them over you nose and mouth. Take a d-e-e-p breath in, and voila – you’ll get a big whiff. Doing this with an uplifting oil like lemon or wild orange is the perfect 3pm pick-me-up!

I also love using essential oils dripped onto lava rocks, which are porous rocks that absorb oils, in places like my loo and car. Every couple of days, I drop an oil like Lemongrass, a beautiful purifying oil, onto these rocks, and it keeps my bathroom and car smelling fresh. Lava rocks can also make perfect portable ‘diffusers’ for places like work or hotel rooms, where you can’t necessarily use an actual diffuser.

Lava rocks make great diffusers for your essential oils


Essential oils can also be used topically – that is, directly onto our bodies (of course, we also get the benefit of smelling the oils this way too!). You may have experienced this in a massage for example, where the therapist mixed oils in with a carrier oil like almond or jojoba oil.

Mixing the oils with a carrier oil helps to ‘carry’ the oil into the bloodstream relatively quickly – and it’s also the safest way of using these potent oils. I personally love doTERRA’s Fractionated Coconut oil, because it’s a feather-light emollient that provides a soothing barrier without clogging pores. It’s also completely soluble with all essential oils; odourless, colourless, and non-staining – so it doesn’t interfere with the scent of the oils you’re using.

You can make your own roller bottles, or doTERRA offers a range of gorgeous single oil rollers – and blends. These are perfect for carrying around in your bag and can be used at any time.

Roller balls with essential oils mixed with a carrier oil, are a convenient and safe way of applying oils directly to your skin

You can also mix a drop of oils like lavender or frankincense – both known for their qualities for healing skin – into your moisturiser. This is another way of using the oils topically! doTERRA has an incredible range of essential oil-packed skin, hair and body care products that leave you feeling and smelling like you’ve just stepped out of a spa!

Food Additive

The third major way we can use oils is as a food additive. I personally only ever use Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils from doTERRA in my food or water. Please do not ingest other lesser quality oils this way – for your ow safety! Not all oils can be ingested, but certainly on doTERRA’s bottles, it very clearly indicates whether an oil is for flavouring use ‘ie, safe to ingest’, or for topical or aromatic use only.

Adding a drop of lemon or peppermint to your water – and only do this in glass bottles (no plastics!) – can provide a refreshing twist to your drink! Similarly, you can add a drop of oregano or basil oil to your pasta sauce, and your kitchen will smell like an Italian restaurant!

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There’s PLENTY of other ways to use essential oils around your home! For example, there’s oils for low-tox cleaning, oils that are great for pets (some oils can be harmful to pets, so do your research about which oils to avoid), oils that can help to balance your chakras, oils that can assist with stress – you name it, there’s likely to be an oil for that.

If you’re interested in exploring the beautiful world of essential oils, but are not sure where to start, get in touch and we can arrange a complimentary (and obligation-free) Lifestyle and Wellness Review where we’ll discuss your health and wellness goals, and the most appropriate oils for them! Or, you can watch my free class about How to Zen Your Home with Crystals and Essential Oils! OR, if you’re ready to jump in, you can get set up right now!

* Schnaubelt, K. (2011). The Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils. (p13-16. Rochester, VT: Healing  Arts Press.

Do you currently use essential oils? If so, which are your favourites and how do you use them?