9 simple ways to zen your home with crystals

Zen Your Home With Crystals

To paraphrase a quote by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, “she is happiest, be she Queen or peasant, who finds peace in her home.”

Let’s face it, if we can’t find peace and serenity in our own home (whether it’s our entire home or even simply our bedroom), where can we find it?

As well as being beautiful to look at, crystals have many healing and calming properties that can help to bring a beautiful energy to your home. While the possibilities are practically endless, here are 9 ways you can zen your home with crystals.

1) Place your favourite crystals on your desk or workspace

Zen your home with crystals

I work from home and create a new little corner of inspiration on my desk each week. Placing crystals in a cup or dish like this can corral them and keep them neat, while still keeping their energy close. In this cup for example, I’ve chosen crystals such as Lapis Lazuli and Labradorite to help me both stay connected with the higher realms and enhance communication – so when I’m writing about spiritual topics, I’m being supported by these crystals.

If you need to focus or study, keep Amethyst, Fluorite or Clear Quartz on your desk. If you want to promote creativity, I would keep Carnelian nearby, or any of the crystals listed in this post.

If you spend a lot of time in front of a computer or near a phone, crystals like Amazonite, Amethyst and Black Tourmaline can help to protect against electromagnetic emissions from these devices. You can read more about crystals that help protect against electromagnetic smog in this more comprehensive post.

2) Create crystal grids and place them around your home

Zen your home with crystalsCrystal grids are a beautiful way to harness the power of crystals. There’s really no limit to how and where you can use crystal grids through your home.

I permanently have an abundance grid set up in the wealth corner of my home, a love and compassion grid in the relationships corner of my home and a meditation/spiritual connection grid under the armchair I meditate on.

When there are significant events like new moons or full moons, I create specific, temporary grids on my lounge room floor or dining table.

I have friends who use grids on their sacred altars and meditation spaces, under their beds to assist with sleep, in their children’s rooms to create a calm sanctuary for the kids, under their dog’s bed, under the foundations of their home for protection – the list is endless! This post outlines in more detail, how to design, activate and maintain crystal grids.

3) Use crystal clusters as centrepieces on your dining or coffee tables

Zen your home with crystalsRaw crystal clusters make beautiful statement pieces and help to create harmony and a calming, gentle energy.

Because clusters diffuse energy throughout a space, they are great where groups of people come together. So as well as being beautiful on your dining or coffee table for example, they can also be useful in meeting rooms or waiting rooms.

I find that clusters feel more energetically powerful too than say a single tumble stone. This is an instance where size does matter! One of my customers recently bought large amethyst clusters and chunks of rose quartz to place around a house where she felt she wanted to bring in a new loving energy.

4) Place a bowl of crystals on your coffee table

Zen your home with crystalsHaving a bowl of crystals on your coffee table can be an interesting conversation starter.

It’s always interesting to observe which stones people are drawn to, and when there’s a bowl of pretty stones right in front of them, people typically find it hard to resist picking one. Have a book like The Crystal Bible nearby so they can read up on the meaning of the crystal they choose.

Similarly, you could use crystals in a bowl like this each day to ask a question like “Which crystal would best serve me today?” Intuitively pick the crystal you are drawn to and read its detailed meaning. You will no doubt be amazed at how relevant the meaning of the crystal will be for you – whether it’s something you need spiritually, mentally, physically or emotionally, your body knows exactly which crystal it needs to support it.

5) Create crystal gardens or terrariums

Zen your home with crystalsGet creative and find glass bowls or terrariums to house your crystals.

As well as being beautiful to look at, housing your crystals in glass helps to keep the dust off them, and also perhaps the prying paws of your pet (I don’t know what it’s like at your place, but my cat loves to bat loose crystals around the floor!).

You can find a range of beautiful bowls and terrariums online or at homewares shops like Ikea. Combine beautiful succulents or air plants or whatever takes your fancy.


6) Zen your bedroom and ease sleeping issues with crystals

Zen your home with crystalsCrystals like Amethyst and Rose Quartz are ideal to keep in your bedroom, either under your bed or pillow (tumbles stones are best used in these instances), or on a bedside table or dresser (a cluster would work well here).

Amethyst is a great calming crystal to help with insomnia, sleeping issues, nightmares and other sleep disruptions. Read more about other crystals that help with sleep issues in this post.

Trying to attract love into your life? According to The Crystal Bible, Rose Quartz is so powerful in drawing love and relationships toward you that it often requires amethyst to calm things down. In existing relationships, it can help to restore trust and harmony, and encourage unconditional love.

Keen to ramp up love and passion in the bedroom? Garnet inspires love and devotion. It balances the sex drive and alleviates emotional disharmony. This is a stone of commitment. Polychrome Jasper on the other hand, is a crystal of exuberance, physical energy, vitality, and vibrance. This is a stone of Fire Energy – the energy of heat, action, emotion and passion – of ideas, of concepts, and sex.

7) Protect your home from negative energies

Zen your home with crystalsCrystals can help to keep unwanted or negative energies out of your home.

I personally keep a chunk of raw Black Obsidian right near the front door of my apartment. Other people “grid” their homes by placing chunks of crystals like black obsidian or black tourmaline in the actual foundations while the home is being built.

If you can’t access the foundations, you could place crystals at each corner of the home (inside or outside the space). You could also put chunks of protection crystals near your front fence, in your garage or anywhere else you’d like to protect.

This post outlines more crystals that are best used for energetic protection.

8) Use crystals to charge your drinking water

Zen your home with crystalsCrystals have been to make gem elixirs for thousands of years. This is where you transfer the vibration of the crystals to your drinking water.

I was first introduced to crystal-infused drinking water by my crystal healer, who offered me carnelian-infused water before and after each time I saw her for a treatment.

When making gem elixirs, be careful not to use toxic crystals like Malachite and Cinnabrite for example. In fact, most of the crystals ending in “ite” may dissolve in water – so stick to using hard quartz type crystals like Clear or Rose Quartz, Carnelian, Fluorite, Amazonite etc, in the form of polished tumble stones.

Check out this great, detailed post by Crystal Vaults, about how to make your own gem elixirs. Otherwise, this product called Vitajuwel simplifies the whole process by selling pre-made gem water bottles, vials and decanters.

9) Add tumble stones into your pot plants or garden

Zen your home with crystalsCrystals come from the earth and are “happy” there. My indoor pot plants are thriving because I’ve placed tumble stones like rose quartz into the soil.

If I break or chip crystals, I gather up the pieces and put them into my pot plants.

Crystals such as Dendritic Agate (or Dendrite Agate), Lithium Quartz and Tourmaline, are also very aligned with the plant kingdom and are ideal for placing in gardens or around plants.



How do YOU zen your home with crystals?

These are just some of the ways you can use crystals in a practical way to zen your home and create a peaceful sanctuary.

Don’t forget that crystals absorb energy, so make sure to cleanse them regularly. You can do this by charging them under the light of the full moon each month or burning sage (smudging) around them while keeping the windows open and wafting the smoke out the door or windows.

I’d love to know how and where you use crystals to zen your home. Feel free to share your comments or photos on this thread, or over on my Facebook page.