Welcome to A Surplice of Spirit! If you’re interested in learning more about, or buying crystals, doTERRA essential oilsoracle cards and all things mystical, you’re in the right place. I’m an Advanced Soul Realignment practitioner, qualified Shamanic Crystal Healing and Reiki practitioner, and doTERRA Wellness Advocate, and offer 1:1 treatments in Mt Gravatt, Brisbane, as well as Soul Realignment/Akashic Record readings and Angel Card & Crystal Readings. I also run online programs for those interested in exploring the beautiful world of crystals, essential oils and natural health in more detail.

My intention for this site is to provide you with a little dose of inspiration, and perhaps a special gift for you or a loved one. You’ll see posts about crystals, chakras, essential oils mindfulness, meditation, mindset, personal development, holistic therapies, book and podcast reviews, and more. And you can get some cool free stuff such as my free 3-Minute Meditation Challenge and eBook about How to Zen Your Home With Crystals. I look forward to connecting with you in my free Facebook community, SOS Crystal Lovers & Soul Searchers.

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