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I typically post a daily card and crystal reading, and a weekly longer post about using crystals in daily life. I welcome any suggestions you may have for future posts! Some of my most popular blog posts include:

Heart of Gold

Plate of Inspiration (26/12) – Heart of Gold

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and have managed to relax on this Boxing Day. This week’s Plate of ...
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Why I chose crystal healing and Reiki

Why I love the combination of Reiki and crystal energy work

I have been fascinated with crystals since I was gifted an amethyst pyramid about 25 years ago. More than just ...
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Plate of Inspiration (19/12) – Balance

Good morning! Hooray for Saturday. I’m SO ready for my Christmas holiday break 🙂 This week’s Plate of Inspiration ...
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Citrine Abundance Mandala

Manifesting abundance with citrine, the merchant’s stone

Citrine has long been associated with manifesting and maintaining wealth and abundance, success and all good things. These yellow crystals ...
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Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy

All the beauty

Click here to see all of my shareable images ...
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Creativity and Fire

Plate of Inspiration (12/12) – Creativity and Fire

There’s some powerful feminine energy in this week’s plate, with a strong theme of creativity and fire. I hope you enjoy ...
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1205 Plate of Inspiration - spirit and vision

Plate of Inspiration (05/12) – Spirit and Vision

Spirit is this week’s theme for my Plate of Inspiration - not a coincidence, given that I’m putting the ...
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Reiki energy

How my path lead me back to energy healing

“What goes around comes around,” the quote says. It’s interesting how life keeps repeating some chapters until we learn ...
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Plate of Inspiration - Illumination

Plate of Inspiration (28/11) – Illumination and Opportunity

Ooh, this week’s Plate of Inspiration formed into something kinda cool around illumination and opportunity, as I work on ...
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20151121 Plate of Inspiration - bigger things

Plate of Inspiration (21/11) – Something Bigger is on the Way

I love the new set of Crazy Sexy Love Note cards I picked up this week. Developed by Kris ...
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20151114 Plate of Inspiration personal power

Plate of Inspiration (14/11) – Personal Power

Here's some solar plexus love for this week’s Plate of Inspiration! Our solar plexus chakra is about sensing personal ...
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20151107 Plate of Inspiration - trust

Plate of Inspiration (7/11) – Trust and Communication

It feels like another BIG Plate of Inspiration this week, with more focus on trust and communication. The white ...
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