Harness the power of crystals with crystal grids

Vision grid

Like us humans, crystals are energetic beings, and it was only when I started to learn about crystal grids that I truly realised how powerful crystal energy can be.

In her book, Crystal Grids – How and Why They Work, Hibiscus Moon defines a crystal grid as:

“A geometrics pattern of energetically aligned stones charged by intention, set in a sacred space for the purpose of manifesting a particular objective.”

My first really powerful experience with a crystal grid, was standing in a simple star-shaped grid with six large clear quartz generators pointing inwards, during a crystal healing workshop. There was a tangible difference in the energy inside the grid and outside of it. When I stood inside this clear quartz-powered space, I could hear the crystals humming, and literally feel the vibrations from the crystals, even though I wasn’t touching them. I felt completely energised!

The second experience followed in the same workshop, and we each got to lie in a more complex grid, with 15 honey calcite and rose quartz tumble stones placed around us. Called the “Awakened Heart” Grid, our teacher likened the feeling of lying in the grid to lying in a bath of honey – it was so peaceful. So relaxing, and I felt absolutely enveloped in the loving energy of that grid. So much so that it’s one of the grids I often use in my crystal healings.

Crystal grids and sacred geometry

Crystal grids work on the basis of sacred geometry, and Hibiscus Moon’s book goes into this in a fair amount of detail.

At a high level, she says that, “sacred geometry refers to geometric structures holding a cosmic significance. Many ancient as well as modern cultures adhere to sacred geometric forms in their architecture…in fact, it’s often observed as the very building blocks of nature.”

Hibiscus Moon also observes that crystals are naturally occurring inorganic solids, whose atoms are arranged in an orderly, geometric pattern – so sacred geometry is part of their structure. She explains that it is this geometric structure, which allows crystals to communicate so easily within a grid configuration, and in turn, to communicate with the entire Universe, and ultimately source energy.

This quote from Dr. William Tiler, Professor Emeritus of Materials Science and Engineering at Stamford University, in Hibiscus Moon’s book really sums up the scientific theory behind grids for me:

“Crystalline forms are the key patterns for the way the energies are built in the Universe; and the key to unlocking energy in a constructive way.”

If you want to learn more about the scientific evidence as to why crystal grids are so effective, I highly recommend Hibiscus Moon’s book.

Being clear on your intentions with crystal grids

With any energy work, and indeed work with crystals, it’s important to be clear on your intention – specifically what you are hoping to achieve by using an individual crystal or a crystal grid.

A lady said to me recently, “I bought a piece of rose quartz, and it did absolutely nothing. It didn’t work.” I asked her if she had set any intentions for the stone and she said no. She just kept focusing on the fact that it “didn’t work”.

Like most things in life, if you don’t ask specifically for what you want, you’re not likely to get it. And, if you keep telling yourself that something isn’t working, or that you’re not going to get what you want, chances are, you’ll not only repel what you want, but you’ll block it from reaching you. I believe that the Universe responds to the thoughts and energy we put out there, and that we attract more of what we’re putting out.

When you get clear about your intention (even if you don’t understand HOW crystals or crystal grids work), the important thing is to BELIEVE that it will work. You can control your thoughts, so why not choose to believe the thought that it WILL work, rather than the thought that it WON’T work.

The most effective crystal grids have a specific focus in mind!

Some examples of the crystal grids I use

With my Abundance grid for example, I have very specific goals about how much money I want coming into my life – and I make them stretch goals so that the Universe can collaborate with me to fulfil those big stretch goals. If I think and dream small (or big), the Law of Attraction states that the Universe will send me exactly what I ask for (or better). And rather than just setting intentions around money, I set intentions around opportunities – like opportunities in meeting the right people; opportunities to collaborate with like-minded business etc.

Meditation Grid
Meditation Grid, with amethyst, scolerite and other crystals which enhance meditation
Abundance Grid
Abundance Grid with a citrine generator, citrine tumble stones and clear quartz points

I also have a meditation-focused grid under the armchair where I do my daily meditations. I’ve chosen crystals in that grid to help me better access my inner wisdom, intuition and higher self, as well as messages from my Guides, Spirit Animals and Angelic realms. And when I sit on that chair and connect with the crystal energy underneath me, it really reminds me to go into the meditation with an open mind, and accept whatever insights come to me.

Basic placements and elements for a crystal grid

Crystal grids can be as simple or elaborate as you choose, and you only have to Google “crystal grids” to see the huge range of possibilities for layouts.

I tend to use variations of a 6-point hexagonal grid with clear quartz points and a central focus crystal. If I use other crystals in the grid, they sit inside the points and around the focus piece.

Other common patterns include the Flower of Life, spiral and infinity shapes – it really comes down to what feels right for you and your intention.

I feel it’s important that the central stone is the largest piece in the grid. It’s like a central “antenna” for your grid’s intentions, which translates them into a vibrational frequency and sends them out to the Universe.

Some people suggest that adding a mirror or magnifying glass under the whole grid (or just the central crystal), can further amplify the energy.

Activating and maintaining your crystal grids

Once you have worked out your intentions and chosen the appropriate crystals to support them, you’ll need to activate your grid.

This is where you “beam” your intentions into the crystals, and energetically connect all the elements in the grid. Then follow these steps:

  1. Sit near the grid and begin with a brief meditation to clear your mind and focus your intention.
  2. Develop a brief affirmation related to what outcomes you would like to bring about. For example; “Believing in the amazing power of the Universe to deliver everything I need in the right time, I manifest X.”
  3. Use your finger, or a crystal wand of the same type of crystal as your centre stone, to “join the dots” above each stone (you don’t need to actually touch each crystal, rather you are connecting each piece energetically and with intention). I do it in a circling, triangular pattern with hexagonal grids for example. While you are doing this, repeat your affirmation and really feel into what it will feel like when your intention comes manifests.

The more you can infuse the positive feelings and images of the “end result” into your grid, the more effective it will be.

Some people choose to leave their grid in place until whatever they are manifesting comes to fruition; some leave them in place permanently.

I also look at my grids each day and interact with them in some way. Even just looking at them reminds me of the intention I have set for them, which sends more energy out into the Universe to help manifest whatever it is that I’m manifesting.

Working with crystal grids is FUN! And, as well as being beautiful to look, at they can provide some amazing energy in your home – and help you manifest into your life the things you would like to manifest.

I’ve created a number of crystal grid kits with specific themes around Love, Compassion and Forgiveness and Releasing and Healing. Of course, you can read up on the qualities of each crystal in those kits and give them a slightly different focus – remember, it’s all about YOUR intentions. The kits are designed to get you up and running with crystal grids and give you some ideas to get started.

Releasing and Healing Grid Kit
This Releasing and Healing Grid Kit provides powerful crystals to help you release negative energies.
Love, Compassion and Forgiveness Grid Kit
This Love, Compassion and Forgiveness Grid Kit is about healing and opening your heart.

Working with crystal grids has really opened my eyes to the beautiful power of crystals. They are as powerful as you allow them to be, and as you believe they can be!

I hope you have fun with YOUR crystal grids. I would love to hear how you use crystal grids to manifest amazing things into your life!

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  1. Great article! And I’ll definitely be setting up some grids. I buried crystals under the house before our home was built and more in the foundations to set up an energy grid. ITs worked great so far 😉

  2. Thanks Caitlin. Great that the article was helpful for you. Have fun with your grids! Let me know how they go for you!

    I live in an apartment, so I can’t grid the foundations, but I have a big chunk of black obsidian at the door to keep any lurgies out 🙂

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