Manifesting abundance with citrine, the merchant’s stone

Citrine has long been associated with manifesting and maintaining wealth and abundance, success and all good things.

These yellow crystals became known as the merchant’s stone, as it was said that placing a piece of citrine in a cash box or near a cash register would attract more customers.

In the world of Feng Shui, citrine is also associated with financial prosperity and good fortune, and is best placed in the money area of your home or office. This post describes how to find your Feng Shui money area.

About the citrine abundance grid

The beautiful  cluster you see in the photos, is now sitting in the money area of my apartment. Within 15 minutes of setting up this crystal grid, I heard that I had won a prize in a competition on Instagram! While we’re not talking bwzillions of dollars flying through the door (just yet), it felt like the Universe was sending me a little sign that the manifesting energy of citrine was working. Within a few weeks, I had benefited from two unexpected share windfalls and a positive change in my employment contract.

There are also six pink-coloured stones sunstones in the grid. Sunstones are another great manifesting crystal and are also linked with prosperity.

Finally, I added some energising orange calcite crystals into the grid – who doesn’t want energised abundance!

How to use citrine to manifest abundance

  • Be clear and specific about what you want to manifest; focus your thoughts on the what, not the how (of whatever it is will find its way to you).
  • Place a citrine stone or cluster in the money area of your home an/or office.
  • Create an abundance grid to amplify the energy of your citrine.
  • Like the merchants did, place a citrine stone near your cash register, or if you find your customers via the phone or online, place the citrine near your phone or computer.
  • Place a little citrine stone in your purse, wallet or handbag.

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Have you manifested anything fabulous with citrine or other crystals? Let me know how you go!